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Perilin Venture Hodlings

The fast-paced world of bitcoin requires a bold kind of bitcoin company.

Philosophy of Hodling

We propose a company based on the fundamental principle of "hodling". Hold bitcoins. Spend bitcoins to invest in activities that contribute to bitcoin's strength. This raises the value of the remaining held bitcoins. If bitcoin's value increases to compensate for the bitcoins spent, define that as profit.


Make bitcoin into money - widely accepted, scarce, store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, standard of deferred payment, most liquid asset, portable, fungible, unforgeable, recognizable, divisible, durable, increasingly valuable. Having one form of money simplifies trade for everyone. Bitcoin fits the requirements the best, and has sufficient traction that it's more likely to adapt to any needs, than to be supplanted.


As an investment company, Perilin invests in other companies. To be considered for investment, companies must fulfill the following terms:

  1. The company will use as a heuristic in decision-making the goal to make bitcoin into the most liquid asset in the world, to become money by definition. This includes but is not limited to:
  2. The company will publically accept bitcoins from customers with as high a discount possible (5-20%) to other payments
  3. The company will offer to each employee and owner to receive all or part of their compensation in bitcoin
  4. The company will provide support to customers with setting up bitcoin wallets and securely storing and using bitcoin, primarily to help pay the company bitcoins
  5. If company provides a help desk it will remain up-to-date with bitcoin wallet technology; answer rudimentary bitcoin questions; refer customers to outside resources for advanced questions
  6. Maintain a corporate bitcoin wallet in-house (e.g. 2-of-3 multisignature, or hardware wallet, not outsourced custody)
  7. The company will regularly contact each vendor and offer to pay the vendor in bitcoin; If vendor accepts bitcoin the company will prefer to pay the vendor in bitcoin.
  8. The company will offer refunds and referral bonuses in bitcoin even when the customer originally paid in fiat, at the more favorable exchange rate to the company;
  9. The company will maintain a bitcoin balance in its in-house multsig wallet and to seek to increase that balance so as to have a reserve to hedge against the US dollar depreciating, increasing costs, declining prices and high customer delinquency rates
  10. The company will avoid incurring debt; and pay debt as quickly as possible
  11. The company will operate one or more bitcoin full nodes and publicise their Internet Protocol addresses. The Perilin full node can be reached with
    bitcoind -addnode bitcoin.perilin.us
  12. The company will operate a set of accounting books denominated in bitcoin, and seek to achieve profit in bitcoin terms (Stage I: books tracking the company's bitcoins; Stage II: track the company's other assets in their bitcoin value) This is the self-fulfilling prophecy that makes bitcoin money: It literally makes bitcoin money because when you do it, bitcoin becomes a unit of account to the accountant; and as more people do so and attempt to increase their bitcoin holdings, bitcoin itself becomes more like money to the rest of the world.
  13. Alternately, instead of a set of accounting books, the company will produce a report to be provided to Perilin Venture Holdings, detailing the current assets and liabilities of the company, revenue, expense, profit and loss, all in bitcoin units (frequency of the report to be agreed).
  14. The company, when it desires to buy or sell bitcoins, will prefer to trade with those it already has an established relationship such as its owners, employees, customers, and vendors, rather than going to a centralized exchange. The original whitepaper was titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The more we trade directly, the more benefit you get from using Bitcoin. No risk of an exchange shutting down or being attacked, and increased privacy for all parties.
  15. The company will contribute its unique strengths to creatively integrate bitcoin into its operation. For instance, a gas station could deploy a bitcoin vending machine (ATM). A locksmith could stock hardware wallets. A cloud hosting company may choose to contribute DevOps time toward testing the Lightning Network and deploy pay-as-you-go computing resources. The company will come up with and propose its creative contribution on its own, prior to suggestions by Perilin Venture Holdings, and prior to acceptance for investment and acknowledges that its ability to come up with a creative contribution as the primary requirement essential to receive investment. Perilin Ventures may reject the proposal and send it back to the company as many times as necessary (providing the fewest amount of hints and suggestions as to what would be considered a good creative contribution). Company recognizes bitcoin values increase exponentially, and they must contribute more to that increase than they take from it to be considered for the program.


We propose a set of statements for individuals to consider regarding Bitcoin

  1. Each time you accept bitcoin, you directly transfer your products or services to the person sending you the bitcoin. You respect the sender's work spent on earning or mining that bitcoin and securing it until you came along. In return, you accept the responsibility to take good care of that bitcoin, because if you lose it, or spend it in the wrong place, it can't be taken back.
  2. You acknowledge the fact that those who obtained bitcoin in the past when the price was lower will probably be much richer than you. You implicitly accept this when you accept their bitcoins and therefore make them even richer. If you had plenty of bitcoins you wouldn't be doing the work for them.
  3. You acknowledge that the limited supply of bitcoins, along with proof of work, means that when they spend bitcoins to you, they decrease their wealth, and therefore the trade is fair.
  4. You don't knowingly accept stolen bitcoins, because thieves didn't do the work, and wouldn't respect the work of miners and those who actually worked for their bitcoins.
  5. You hope that bitcoin may be a good store of value for the time that you have it; but if not, you accept that risk, because you didn't buy more bitcoin than you can afford to lose.
  6. Conversely, you don't hold more dollars than you can afford to lose, either: you have taken, or will soon take steps to learn the fundamentals of central banking and accept bitcoin as a sufficient hedge against dollar depreciation and cost increases. e.g. "The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4" by Mike Maloney
  7. By working for bitcoin in general, you increase the value of bitcoins for everyone else who holds them, by giving them more things they can spend bitcoins on.
  8. By holding bitcoin, you reduce the marginal supply, which increases the price and market capitalization of bitcoin.
  9. By telling others about bitcoin, you increase the possibility that someone else will do the above and increase the value of bitcoin for everyone.
  10. By running a node, you validate the blockchain to be sure you've been paid.
    1. By opening a port you help others establish stable connectivity to the network.
    2. By sending blocks over the network, you help others download the blockchain faster.
    3. By relaying transactions, you help users get their payments into a block and you help miners to earn fees.
    4. By relaying blocks, you help miners build onto the most recent state, and you help users know they've been paid.